Always ask ‘why?’

Last week a colleague left the agency to travel overseas. She was a very good Account Manager and has a very bright future ahead.

She had come to the ad agency as a university graduate three years ago and this had been her first advertising job. As part of the graduate induction program, she started her career here by spending a couple of weeks in each department to learn how an agency worked.

In her two weeks sitting in the Creative Department alongside my Art Director and I, we offered her lots of tips and advice, but this I consider amongst the most important: Always ask ‘why?’

It seems simple but often this small question is overlooked. It’s imperative that you know the reason why you’re doing something. Not only does it make you aware of any other agendas that are at play, it helps your understanding and makes sure the solution provided actually fits the problem.

If you’re simply relaying a message from the client (or anybody else), you are effectively reducing your role to that of an expensive answering machine.

Put simply, if you’re unaware of the motive, don’t carry out the action.  Doing so just makes you look like one of these monkeys.


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