Give your target audience more than a sales message

Today, I left the office to buy an attachment I needed for my computer. On my walk to the shop, I came across the scene shown in the video below. It reminded me of a few important things some marketers seem to forget when they’re trying to engage an audience.

Of these, the most important thing is that ads are rarely invited into people’s lives. They’re usually unwelcome guests that interrupt your favourite TV shows, barge their way onto the pages of your magazines, and invade your websites and mailboxes. But not the smart ads.

For example, how many times have you walked past people handing out flyers advertising city parking without giving it another thought? Well, that didn’t happen here. Myself and plenty of others watched this guy for quite a while.  And the main thing is, a smile wasn’t all we walked away with  – we walked away knowing where we could get monthly parking for 300 bucks.


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