Are you getting in to advertising, or getting out?

Years ago, I was asked to give a talk to advertising students at a university.
Now, it seemed that every intern or grad primarily wants to know the answer to two questions: 1) How did you get your job?; and 2) What advice would you give to others?

So in preparation for my talk, I took the opportunity to ask a few colleagues around the department and filmed their responses. That way, the students at the lecture could hear other stories as well as mine.
This video is below (please excuse the transitions – it was 2006. I was young. iLife was in its infancy).

I once heard the story of a young creative being told, ‘You’ll be underpaid in the first half of your career, and overpaid in the second half of it’. Well, I’m not sure the back half of that sentence still applies in today’s world. The profit margins simply aren’t there anymore.

But recently I came across another video, below. It’s not about getting in to advertising. Instead, it’s about using advertising as a stepping stone towards something else. Spending time in the advertising industry provides you with some great skills – you get to think outside the box, you get to challenge conventions, you see behind the curtain of lots of different industries.

One of the best books I’ve read over the past few years is Seth Godin’s Linchpin: Are You IndispensibleIt really opened my eyes to the way industries have historically worked, and how all that is now changing.
For me, that book was a bit like opting to take the red pill.
So what about you? Are you getting in, or getting out?

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