A successful formula for advertising: realising that there is no successful formula for advertising

Well, it’s the start of a new year. A time when we usually step back and take a look at where things are at. Our fitness. Our finances. Our job. Our relationships. Around this time of year, there’s not much that doesn’t get reassessed. Sometimes we take action, sometimes we don’t.
Unfortunately, it’s also that time of year when the ‘predictions’ lists come out. You know the ones – things like ’10 apps you will need to survive 2014′, ’10 ways big data will reinvent marketing in 2014′, ’10 ways TV will be dead by December’. Many marketers are looking for a formula for success. The problem is that advertising isn’t all science. It’s half art, and art is unpredictable. (Actually, even science is unpredictable if you recall the film Jurassic Park).
Art that is loved by an audience at one point in time might not be so well received at another point in time. Fashion is art. Architecture is art. Music and film is art. And, a large part of marketing is art.
While science can be applied to marketing, there’s certainly no 100% foolproof formula for success (not even the one featured in the video below, explained by David Droga).


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